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· 3 min read

It's quite obvious, for consistently looking code, spaces are best.

However, does one also has consistency among the people they work with?

It might not be the case: some people might have impaired vision.

On an open source project, one might not even know how "consistent" are the people working with them.

· 2 min read

If you use Google Authenticator and scan QR codes to create new Time-based One-Time Passwords, you might have noticed that their names are sometimes in the form Issuer (Account name). Google Authenticator allows to rename the Account name part, but not the Issuer.

The following explains how to rename the Issuer, or even get rid of it.

· 9 min read
Warning: this article is old!

This article has been written in 2019. I stopped working with NFC on mobile a few years later.

React NFC

Ionic Capacitor and Apache Cordova are two common wrappers to create a hybrid mobile application from a web application. The main advantage over a native mobile app is the re-usability of the code — and the development languages being HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, if we like them.